Cooking Seafood With Summer Vegetables - Turbot And Asparagus

The summer months give us a wealth of choices of vegetable accompaniments to enhance a seafood meal.

This dish is a wonderful combination of the flat fish Turbot, a handful of Asparagus spears and freshly made Hollandaise sauce, and is probably my favourite pairing of fish and vegetable. Cook the dish in three sections at the same time. Don't worry it is simple. To start poach a 170 g fillet of Turbot covered with fish stock, if it is reasonably thick it will take around 10 minutes to cook, check that the temperature has reached 62 degrees Celsius with a digital thermometer. Meanwhile prepare the Asparagus. Blanch for a couple of minutes and the drain. Place in a lightly oiled griddle pan and cook until you can see the burnt effect on the sides of the vegetable, it will only take a couple of minutes, the vegetables should still be crunchy.

To prepare the sauce, place the white and yolk of a cracked egg along with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice in a blender, and blend on full speed fro 5 seconds. In a pan or microwave heat 125 g of unsalted butter until bubbling. Slowly add to the egg and lemon mix with the blender at top speed.

To serve the dish start with a layer of four Asparagus tips, in the middle of the plate, top with another four at 90 degrees and finish with the last four also turned by 90 degrees. So you will end up with a stack of Asparagus. Top with the Turbot and drizzle around with the Hollandaise sauce. The sauce will be enough for two to three portions, so if you have any left over place in the fridge and eat with a cold seafood, vegetables or salad.

Just serve with a simple plate of potatoes, salad or noodles, and of course something cold and refreshing to drink.

Comments: there are several combinations to alter the dish and it's texture and appearance. Try frying the fish and poaching the vegetables. If you would prefer to lower the saturated fat level then replace the Hollandaise sauce with a green sauce made with reduced fish stock, blanched watercress and basil. And finally you can select a different type of fish such as Brill, Sole or Sea Bass, or even try a steak of the fish. There are alternatives for the Asparagus with both green and white being available.

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