How To Beat The New York Soda Ban

Things are changing in New York City. The mayor of the city has proposed a ban on soda that is larger than sixteen ounces being sold from street vendors, at sports stadiums and in restaurants. People that want to have a larger soda would be forced to buy two, or go back for refills to satisfy their thirst. Some New Yorkers see this as a silly proposal, and others are outraged that the mayor would spend time on this issue when there are others that need more attention. For soda lovers in New York City, there is a way to get around the New York soda ban, and that is by making soda at home with the Sodastream machine.

The proposed New York soda ban specifically targets soda that is sold in public venues, but it says nothing about people that make their own soda at home. The Sodastream machine takes regular water and carbonates it to turn it into soda. The machine offers several different flavoring packs so a person could literally make any type of soda they want to drink. The machine also comes with bottles that can store the soda so it can be kept cold or transported.

Some people feel that it is their right to drink as much soda as they choose. These same people believe that a ban on larger sodas is not going to detract from the amount of soda people are drinking. Regardless of viewpoints, if the ban goes through, the size of soda being sold will change. The nice thing about making soda at home is that there is nothing in the New York soda ban that prevents a person from bringing a twenty ounce bottle of soda from their home that they have made.

The Sodastream machine also makes soda that tastes much better than what would be bought in a public place. The better taste comes from the freshness of making it at home. The machine also gives people a lot more versatility when it comes to soda because they can make a different flavor bottle each time. Because the Sodastream uses regular tap water it makes store bought soda bottles obsolete. This results in less plastic being dumped into landfills and helps our fragile planet.

The New York soda ban is going to cause a lot of controversy, and there will be unhappy people no matter how it turns out. Making soda at home is a great alternative for people that love to drink it.

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  1. What's next - bread? Then what - white rice and potatoes? Pretzels, hot dogs, oh don't forget donuts! Let's see - breathing the dirty air in NYC is also bad for your heath, so let's ban breathing. Yeah that's it Bloomy we can do that next! Big Brother is watching you.

    - James from NYC Body